Alicja Agnieszka Dys

*** Kiitos kaikille tukijoille! Keräys on päättynyt. ***
Hanke: Oma Kapua 2024 Nepal
Keräyslupa: RA/2020/1390
Tavoite: 1200€
Kerätty: 2162.80€
Saavutettu 100%
603/1 200
Ammatti: Data Architect | Data Engineer
Kotipaikka: Helsinki
Motto: Ubuntu! I am because we are.
Oma viesti:

I love hiking the mountains and I had a chance to do Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal in 2018. During this journey I visited villages in the highest parts of the world, talked to mountain guides and observed life. Apart from enjoying Magnificent views, meeting hard-working and Humble Nepalese people and having adventure, I experienced some dissonance. I returned home with a sense of discord between my views on mountain tourism and the actual scenery, promising to myself to do something one day.

The opportunity came this year when I spotted an advertisement about the Kapua project for Nepalese children. I scanned the description, walked through the website and my heart was captured. I wrote an ardent cover letter and filled in the form. After a few weeks a message came: I’ve been selected together with other 13 volunteers from all over Finland.

I feel privileged to have an opportunity, with your help, to raise awareness and support the rights of children with disabilities. In Nepal, there is a strong stigma and shame associated with mental and physical disabilities, which is why families with impaired children do not apply for health services. Children’s hearing or vision are not routinely screened. Girls with Disabilities are especially vulnerable.

The goal of the Kapua project is to raise awareness about sight and hearing conditions and to help children with hearing and sight impairments between the ages of 3 and 14 to be admitted to schools in the provinces of Bara and Parsa, southern part of the country. The partner of the Oma Kapua Nepal 2024 project is Lääkärin sosialinen vastuu (LSV) .

I hope you will join me on this Charity journey by contributing an amount that is suitable for you.

Ubuntu means: I am because we are .

Let’s make it our way: We Are : aware, powerful, kind… so that They Can :  

  • receive education,  
  • see and be seen, hear and be heard,  
  • become a valuable part of society.

In March 2024 I will travel at my own expenses with the Kapua team to Nepal to visit the regions supported with the collected funds and to finalize the project.


  1. 02.05.2024 klo 19:58
    Virpi Väänänen lahjoitti 20 €
    Good luck and enjoy Alicja!
  2. 14.04.2024 klo 09:15
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 240 €
    'Sax&Organ Impressions' Concert in Suomenlinna, 7.04.2024
  3. 04.04.2024 klo 21:11
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 100 €
    Powodzenia Alicja! Ania
  4. 24.02.2024 klo 17:45
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 211.1 €
    Coffee/Tea/Cake at Neste
  5. 21.02.2024 klo 10:16
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 20 €
    Thanks for the Keto-Brownie recipe, again :)
  6. 20.02.2024 klo 08:32
    Saija Hurve lahjoitti 30 €
    Hi Alicja, I'm not in office today so I will donate this way :) Great job!
  7. 15.01.2024 klo 17:22
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 25 €
    'Know Your Lemons' event 28-11-2023
  8. 10.01.2024 klo 16:49
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 50 €
    Dear Alicja, Happy New Year and all the best for the adventure. My best regards to Nepal! Pia
  9. 24.12.2023 klo 13:17
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 300 €
    Merry Christamass to all Nepalese children from the Sittnikow family, and good luck on your adventure Alicja!
  10. 11.09.2023 klo 09:30
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 30 €
    Hanna Dys' CD sales event
  11. 19.08.2023 klo 18:05
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 125 €
    Hanna Dys' CD charity sales (concert in Kallio church 31-07-2023)
  12. 19.08.2023 klo 17:52
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 37 €
    Solita & OmaKapua Coffee/Tea
  13. 02.07.2023 klo 15:53
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 57.7 €
    Kapua Tea/Coffee in Solita
  14. 17.06.2023 klo 11:21
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 200 €
    I wish you luck and success 👍
  15. 02.06.2023 klo 10:41
    Marios K lahjoitti 50 €
    Good luck!
  16. 28.05.2023 klo 22:15
    Anna Swiderska lahjoitti 15 €
  17. 15.05.2023 klo 09:50
    Marika Rintanen lahjoitti 20 €
    Good luck!
  18. 14.05.2023 klo 23:01
    Anonyymi lahjoitti 5 €
    Wonderful gesture!!!
  19. 12.05.2023 klo 14:34
    Annikka Kalliokoski lahjoitti 24 €
    Onnea matkaan toivottaa Konkari-Anni 🌺🙏🏻🌺
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