Kapua raises funds to help people in developing countries by climbing mountains. Kapua has collected more than 1,1 million euros since 2006 to support people and the environment in developing countries. The funds are reliably channelled to the destination through well-known Finnish organisations. Kapua has worked together with many organisations such as YLE Helps (founded in 2004 by Finnish Red Cross, Finn Church Act Alliance and Unicef Finland), Save the Children Finland, Family Federation, Plan and WWF Finland.

Kapua has given over 300 Finnish people the opportunity to participate in international development cooperation. Kapua volunteers are ordinary people with the desire to help and challenge their own boundaries. All candidates go through an application process. A group of 20 people raises funds for a chosen cause. The group travels to the destination country and has an opportunity to see how the funds are spent. During the trip, they challenge themselves by climbing a mountain.

For the participants, Kapua is an unforgettable experience, a “Once in a Lifetime” trip. For non-profit organizations, Kapua is an effective fundraising tool and a channel to highlight the important development work done in the target countries. The main beneficiaries are, however, the people in developing countries.


Our newest Kapua project raises funds to support girls in Malawi. We work in close cooperation with Family Federation, Operation A Day's work Finland and Threshold Association. The Kapua Malawi team aims to raise a total of 50,000 euros. In August 2023, the group will travel to Malawi, where they see in practice how the funds are used. The group will trek to the highest peak of the country, Mount Mulanje (3002m). Meet the volunteers in our Kapua Malawi group.

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